Restarting my slowly lived jo

Why I’m starting over

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Want to know why I’m starting over?

In 2015 I started this site in a hope of holding myself accountable. I wanted to change our lifestyle. To embrace the simple, things we often take for granted. Slowly Lived, that’s how I want to live, I did then and I still do now. To embrace the simple things in life and live in the here and now. The only problem with that wasn’t the idea but the reality. I started this part way through my second year at University and just before two of my children were about to embark on the last years at primary and secondary education.

As much as the idea of living slowly would have helped with the stress of the coming year, the reality and practicality of it just meant it didn’t happen. So rather than trying and failing, I decided to press pause, knowing that once the time was right, I would come back to this little corner and restart the pursuit of my dream life.

That time is now.

In a world where everything is being improved, where we are encouraged to buy the next bigger and better item that will improve our lives, I find myself looking at the things I own and wondered if they make our lives any better. Does owning the latest phone or car mean our quality of life is improved? What impact do these must have things have on the lives of other? What about their impact on our environment?

There is enough suffering going on in the world without my consumerism impacting upon it as well.

Have you ever wondered how many lives the things we buy have touched? It’s something I took for granted for many years, yet as I have gotten older, I have come to realise that many of the things we buy have caused someone else suffering or will cause an issue in the future for my children, their children and so on.

We live in such a high-speed world, it is very easy to get caught up in its fast pace. We feel that if we aren’t busy we must be missing something but in fact, by being busy we are missing more. Have you ever tried looking at the world around us at the pace of a toddler? It opens your eyes to what you could be missing.

Go on, take 5 minutes today to walk at the speed of a toddler and see what you’re missing.

I have three children. Before long they will all be leaving home and living their own lives. At one time that was so appealing. Not having little people wanting your attention every 10 seconds yet as this time gets closer, I am realising I will miss these constant interruptions. If I don’t slow things down, they’ll be gone before I know it. I know I can’t slow down time but there are things I can do to ensure I enjoy the time we do have left and try to live each day with intention.

Starting now, over the coming months, I hope to share with you what I find and the decisions I make in the pursuit of a more intentional, authentic and simpler life.

Slowly Lived.