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Time to write

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How do you find time to write?

To become a better writer you need to write daily.

I understand that but actually finding the time to write each day can be a little challenging.

Writing Time

I have tried journalling which I enjoy but feel guilty on the days I just don’t find time and this then makes the experience a negative which stumps my creative flow.

I have been reading Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within
by Natalie Goldberg, an amazing book and she recommends writing for a set length of time each day.

I have found that the my best time for writing is first thing in the morning and preferably before the kids get up. But since the clocks have changed I haven’t been getting up as early and I’ve just not had the time to concentrate on writing when I have children requesting breakfast , juice, the laptop etc.

So finding time to actually sit down and write something that I actually want to or even to free write is difficult, my mind is awash with all the children’s requests and the day to day mundane tasks as soon as I get up.

So my question to you is how do you find time to write?