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Time Out Reads: Achievements

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Oh my, what a week this one has been. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. So many achievements.

School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day.

Reading loving, caring comments from my children’s teachers makes me realise how amazing their school is. I have grown to learn over my years of parenting that it really isn’t all down to grades. What is far more important is how my children are nurtured and supported through their school years, allowing them to develop their own opinions and personalities.

Grades are second to this.

Then my results day.

Three years of hard study, early mornings, juggling school runs, lectures and assignments as I studied Creative Writing and Journalism.

It paid off. I got a first. So did this amazing lady

Next my daughters SATs. She has worked so hard over the past few years and again that hard work paid off, she did amazing.

We’ve now got a wait until August when the eldest gets his GCSE results. I’m not too worried, I know he tried his hardest and as I said, results aren’t everything. I am so proud of the man he’s turning into.


Happiness - Time Out Reads Achievements - Slowly Lived Magazine

We all want to be happy right? Life can sometimes make this an achievement in itself. It is perfectly normal not to feel happy all the time but sometimes it can be hard to find what makes us happy. Like most things in life, we have to work at being happy. Cultivate these feelings and realise what it is that makes us feel joy. Marc at Marc&Angel Hack Life talks about the hard things we need to do to be happy.

Every Other Day Digital Diet

I have become more conscious of the amount of time I spend online. Most of my time is spent writing and promoting my work through social media platforms. This can become addictive very quickly and I know when I have fallen into this trap as I feel overwhelmed. With so much of our lives spent online, could you commit to a digital diet? James has written an interesting article for the Atlantic, where he’s talking about adopting a trendy, evidence-based weight loss plan and turning it into a digital diet. Intermittent fasting, not using social media every other day. Is it possible?


weekends -time out reads achievements - Slowly Lived magazine

I always thought of weekends as a time for our family to relax, enjoy spending time together and sometimes go out and explore. Over the years our weekends have changed, from football matches to play dates to work. Every now and then, the kids just want to stay home and play on their consoles, read books or enjoy time in the garden. I think we can get so caught up doing things that we forget that weekends are a time for rest and family. This post on The Guardian popped up in Twitter feed the other day and it really made me think.