Summer's just around the corner, check out this sunshine inspired posts from around the web

Time Out Reads: Summer’s Calling

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Kids are back to school in their last term before summer.

The sun was out for a while, giving us a taste of hopefully things to come.

Plus it seems everywhere I look online, everyone is talking about summer.

Summer really is calling now!

Eco Holiday

An amazing eco hiking inn found by Jessie at tiny yellow bungalow - Slowly Lived Time Out Reads

How amazing would it be to stop somewhere that was completely in tune with sustainability, zero waste and eco-friendly? Jessie over at tiny yellow bungalow found just the place. They even reuse all the human waste too! I love that you are given are your own drinking cup to use for the duration of your stay and they weigh the amount of food waste each week to keep that down too.

Summer To Do

Easy summer to do list from Rosie at Girl in Awe - Slowly Lived Time Out Reads

Our Summer Bucket List will be going live in the next few weeks once I’ve added a few final tweaks but it seems everywhere I look there are bucket lists and to-do lists popping up. The one I really love is Rosie’s from Girl in Awe. Such a simple but meaningful list of things to do this summer.

Green Time

Getting the kids outdoors this summer with Rebecca from Simple as That - Slowly Lived Time Out Reads

This blog is one of my regular reads and has amazing content and advice. Getting my three out into the fresh air and away from tech is one of the main reasons for creating our bucket list, Rebecca at Simple as That shares her tips on how she encourages her children to put down the screens and get outside.