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Time Out Reads: Shift

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There seems to be a period of shift occurring in our home at the moment. Routines are changing in preparation for the Summer holiday. Calm is taking over with the knowledge that we’ve only two weeks to go. All the hard work is behind us and we’re on wind down, ready for a rest.

Mindsets seem to be shifting too. Consumption of new things seems to be dwindling, replaced by seeking out past items to relook at. Donating old items to charity shops instead of simply hoarding them thinking we will use them one day.

Habit Shift

habit shift - erin at Reading my Tea Leaves

One thing I seem to really struggle with is remembering to take shopping bags with me when I do our weekly shop. To be honest, if I do forget to take one, I do tend to just load all the food up into the boot of the car instead of buying a plastic one. I think the introduction of the charge for bags has been a big help in reducing our use of plastic bags, I know I haven’t been using as many as I did when they were free. Erin at Reading my Tea Leaves shares a sobering list of what items can’t be recycled and also a list where plastic bags can be dropped. I’m hoping to share something similar in the near future for here in the UK

Party Planning

Party Planning - Kathryn of Going Zero Waste

When I think of parties, I see a mass of clearing up and lots of waste. Is it possible to plan a party and still live a zero waste lifestyle? Well, I guess a hen party is slightly different to a children’s party but Kathryn of Going Zero Waste shares how she achieved it. I love the pins and cloth napkins, what a fab idea.


No - erica at The life in progress project

This is one word my children hear too often and my friends and family hear rarely. I like to help where I can, but I sometimes overstretch myself. There are times when I’d love to say no but I worry that I’ll hurt their feelings and that they won’t ask again. Erica from The Life on Purpose Project shares how to improve how your No’s are received.