In the dark of the night,

Not a sound you could hear;

I turned on the light,

Fearing there was something near.


What ever it was,

Wanted me not to know;

Had grown silent because,

I was moving, very slow.


Out of my bed,

Into the hall;

Bare feet softly tread,

Wondering if I should call.


“Who is it there?”

“Why are you here?”

I head for the stair,

No reply, or none I hear.


I head down the steps,
Slowly at first;

Not seeing the flex,

I end up going down head first.


In a heap on the floor,

At the foot of the stair,

I spy the open door,

I despair.


I think to myself,

I tell them all the time;

Although it’s on the shelf,

It can still climb.


I turn and I spy,

In the corner behind the chair;

I let out a cry,

I hope it stays there.


Slowly I creep,

Not making a sound;

When really all I want to do is leap,

High off of the ground.


I dive across the room,

My hands open wide;

There isn’t much room

I hope we don’t collide.


My hands close around,

I hold on very tight;

It makes a small sound,

It is shaking with fright.


I return it to its home,

Closing the door;

No longer to roam,

Alone on the floor.


I return to my bed,

Thinking all is well;

Only to turn my head,

And let out a yell.


The noise I had heard,

Wasn’t the pet,

Without a word,

I started to sweat.


For next to me,

In the warmth of my bed;

I can clearly see,

A figure with no head.


I pull back the cover,

And to my surprise,

Lying there is none other,

Than my little monkey in a disguise!


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