Slowly Lived

Taking things for granted

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When everything is going well, we take so many things for granted. Like a running car, where we live if the car isn’t working then we have to rely on family to help us get to school, work, university, shopping etc.
The same with our health, expecting that as we are always well, except for the odd sniffle here and there, nothing will come along and change this. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of my family intentions for this year, which is why I am going to be cooking from scratch more often, getting out and about walking with the kids and our pet dog Abbie and finding new activities we can get involved with.
It’s not only our health that is important but having healthy pets is too. We had a bit of a scare yesterday with Abbie. She’s been a bit off since the New Year, not eating well and an upset stomach which she does seem to have periodically, so I took it for granted that like all the other times, it would clear up on its own in a couple of days.
But it didn’t.
Yesterday, when I came down to let her out, she was walking very slowly, really struggling to move her back legs. Now I know that German Shepherds can have issues with their back legs but Abbe never has before. She can jump over 6ft high fences and up high bale stacks so to see her struggling to walk really scared me.




After taking the kids to school and reassuring them that she would be fine, I took her to our vets where they checked her over, giving her a scan and luckily, this time it was just a stomach infection. So home we came with an array of medication and a much lighter bank balance.



I am more mindful of the things I take for granted.