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Taking Stock: May

Nearly half way through 2017, how does that happen? Anyway here’s what’s been happening in my life over the past month.

Making:  These delicious cheese scones
Cooking: Not much, salads all the way at the mo
Drinking: Califia Cold Brew and trying to increase my water intake
Reading: This Love by Dani Atkins
Trawling: Some new blogs including Simple As That and The Life On Purpose Movement
Wanting: Time to slow down, children are growing too fast
Looking: For ways to reduce our waste
Deciding: Not to carry on and do an MA in Creative Writing
Wishing: My eldest luck in his GCSE’s
Enjoying: Panic at the Disco on full volume whilst doing the school run with the windows down
Waiting: For my results to see if I’ll get a 2.1 or 1st in my degree
Liking: The lighter nights
Wondering: How I can be old enough to have a son who’s about to leave full-time education
Loving: Seasonal food
Pondering: New blog ideas
Listening: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Considering: How to declutter to make more room
Buying: Nothing much
Watching: Carefully what I’m bringing into the house
Hoping: I can find time to watch this
Marveling: At the cute baby bunnies feeding on our front lawn
Cringing: At old photos, what was I thinking!
Needing: More hours in the day, or to slow things down
Questioning: Why are so many people so fixated on validating who they are by what they own?
Smelling: Freshly brewed coffee
Wearing: Sandles, my feet are in heaven!
Noticing: How grown up my daughter is getting
Knowing: I need to face my fears and push on
Thinking: That novel isn’t going to finish itself
Admiring: These beauties
Getting: Ready for the summer holidays
Bookmarking: This
Opening: The windows early to hear the birdsong
Closing: The curtains later thanks to lighter nights
Feeling: Ready for a holiday
Hearing: Crickets in the long grass behind our yard
Celebrating: The end of SAT’s for my daughter
Pretending: It’s not my birthday in less than a week
Embracing: Slow living

Taking Stock is originally from Meet Me At Mikes, pop over and copy her list of prompts to join in.

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