Taking Stock June - a round up of my month

Taking Stock: June

That’s it. Half the years behind us and another half yet to come. I can remember when I was little thinking my birthday seemed to take ages to arrive, but now, it seems to be here before I’m ready. June is a good month to take stock of your achievements and the things you’re yet to accomplish.

June is a good month to take stock of your achievements. It’s also a great time to replan all those things you’ve been saying you’ll do and still haven’t got round to.

Here are what I’ve been up to over the last month:

Making: Plans for the Summer ( Summer Bucket List on its way soon)
Cooking: On the BBQ
Drinking: More water
Reading: Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
Trawling: Through baby photos of my eldest for his leaver’s assembly
Wanting: Time to slow down.
Looking: Forward to our holiday to Wales
Deciding: We’re taking the dog with us on holiday too
Wishing: I had more hours in the day
Enjoying: Lighter nights and being able to eat in the garden
Waiting: For my degree results
Liking: That they’re releasing a new Back to the Future film
Wondering: When I can get on of these
Loving: Drying my clothes out on the line
Pondering: Do I carry on freelance or get a job
Listening: To Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Considering: What sandals to get to go with my graduation dress
Buying: Graduation dress
Watching: Tennis
Hoping: For a first
Marvelling: How big my children are getting. I’m starting to feel like a dwarf!
Cringing: That we’re still struggling to reduce our waste even though I’m trying really hard.
Needing: To get more organised with work and home balance
Questioning: Do I do an MA or not
Smelling: These
Wearing: Sandals all the time
Noticing: The house martins are back and making a mess of our front porch
Knowing: They’ll only be here for a short while
Thinking: About continuing with my novel I started for my dissertation
Admiring: My children and how beautiful they are both inside and out
Getting: Teary over my eldest finishing school and my daughter moving to secondary school.
Bookmarking: This amazing site
Opening: The doors and windows to let the summer breeze in
Closing: my eyes and enjoying the feel of the sun on my face and hearing the children’s laughter as they play outside
Feeling: Emotional, it’s been one of those months
Hearing: This great song again
Celebrating: My eldest finishing his

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