Taking Stock: January

Well, that’s January out of the way for another year. I’ve been reading lots of great January posts and I found this cover all list over on Meet Me at Mikes and Country Life Experiment and thought I’d give it a try.


Making : a bullet journal to keep on top of life.


Cooking : lots of meals from scratch including Meatloaf and Tuscan Chicken Stew


Drinking : warm mulled juice


Reading: The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner and Moving by Jenny Eclair


Wanting: a better balance of life. Although I started our Slowly Lived project mid December, finding the right balance is still a work in progress and I think will continue to be as our lives move through the rhythms of the year.


Looking: after myself. I had my hair chopped into a graduated bob after three years of growing it. I also made time to have my eyebrows waxed and eyelashes tinted, something I haven’t had done for a long time.




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Playing: in the snow when we had a sprinkling.
Deciding: on the areas we need to focus on to achieve a simpler lifestyle.
Wishing: I could slow time down, the kids are growing too fast.
Enjoying: the frosty mornings and wrapping up.
Waiting: for little miss’s poem to be published.

Liking: dark early mornings.
Wondering: which room to declutter first.
Loving: lighter nights
Pondering: why we waste so much
Considering: changing my skin care to something more eco-friendly
Buying: not a lot

Watching: Saving Mr Banks, Into The Woods
Hoping: I get a good grade on my place assignment
Marvelling: at how quickly this month has flown by
Cringing: at some of my options I chose not to share for last weeks #waybackwhen on FB
Needing: more family fun
Questioning: why I can spend so much on everyone else but never on me?

Smelling: Hyacinths
Wearing: winter coats and wooly socks
Following: this blog and wishing mine was as good.
Noticing: how much time I spend rushing around
Knowing: not enough
Thinking: too much
Admiring: the snowdrops popping up around the village
Sorting: outgrown clothes for the charity shop
Getting: prepared for my next journalism assignment
Bookmarking: this
Opening: new coffee packets
Giggling: at my childrens jokes
Feeling: blessed
Snacking: crackers

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