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    Time Out Reads: Achievements

    Oh my, what a week this one has been. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. So many achievements. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. Reading loving, caring comments from my children’s teachers makes me realise how amazing their school is. I have grown to learn over my years of parenting that it really isn’t all down to grades. What is far more important is how my children are nurtured and supported through their school years, allowing them to develop their own opinions and personalities. Grades are second to this. Then my results day. Three years of hard study, early mornings, juggling school…

  • Summer's just around the corner, check out this sunshine inspired posts from around the web

    Time Out Reads: Summer’s Calling

    Kids are back to school in their last term before summer. The sun was out for a while, giving us a taste of hopefully things to come. Plus it seems everywhere I look online, everyone is talking about summer. Summer really is calling now! Eco Holiday How amazing would it be to stop somewhere that was completely in tune with sustainability, zero waste and eco-friendly? Jessie over at tiny yellow bungalow found just the place. They even reuse all the human waste too! I love that you are given are your own drinking cup to use for the duration of your stay and they weigh the amount of food waste each…

  • This weeks mixture of inspirational posts from around the internet

    Time Out Reads: Celebrate

    Today’s my birthday! Time to celebrate and I am but in a small way with my family. The older I get the more birthdays take on a new meaning. Instead of looking forward to the next year I find myself reflecting on the past year and seeking out what I have learned. Do you find that too? Whilst I’m busy worrying about getting another year older, here are the great inspirational posts I have found this week to inspire you too. Summer Fun With the summer just around the corner, I’ve already had the idea to create our own Slow Living Bucket List for the summer holidays but Kelle at Enjoying…

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    Time Out Reads: Return

    Return… I started this site in 2015. Back then I shared articles and items I found from around the internet that I thought others might find interesting. Over the past week, I’ve been toying with the idea to return to it. I’d thought that maybe this site wasn’t the place for it. Yet, as I’ve gotten back into writing on here, I realise that this isn’t going to be a business blog. Slowly Lived is a project. It’s a lifestyle I aspire to and for it to work I need to share a more personal view, not a third person or even first person approach to information. So I have decided to…