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    Time Out Reads: Earth Day

    You may or may not know that today is Earth Day. Celebrated on the 22nd of April every year. Each year there is a different theme. This year it is dedicated to providing information and inspiration to eventually end plastic pollution, according to Earth Day Network. Here are some of my favorite earth day posts from the past week, along with some plastic reducing themed ones too. Rivers of Plastic Plastic pollution is always in the media, especially over the past few months. Many of the stories have been to do with its impact on the sealife highlighted in the recent Blue Planet programs. Jennifer at Eco Warrior Princess explains…

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    Time Out Reads: New

    I spoke too soon about Spring being here, the weather last week was awful, especially the mist and fog. Although it does look like things may be turning better this coming week, I hope so as my garden really needs a good sort out. Spring Clean With Spring in mind, cleaning and organising are two areas I am focusing on in the coming weeks. Finding ethical and ecological ways to clean our home is an area I am currently researching. Little Birdie is currently sharing a series of natural cleaning posts. This one shares how Castille Soap can be used. New Reads I am currently on a huge reading kick. Partly…

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    Time Out Reads: Spring is finally here

    April, you’re looking a whole lot better than March already, let’s just hope you keep it up! It’s been an interesting week this week, working and juggling the kids whilst they’re still off on half term. It’s a lot easier now they are a bit older but in some ways, it makes it more difficult as they want to do more things, meet their friends and with me out each day, they can’t always do what they want. Borrowed Words I have been a regular reader of Erin’s over at Reading My Tea Leaves for a while as she has some very interesting articles on simple living. This post shared…

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    Time Out Reads: Resurrection

    Easter and Spring always bring with them the feeling of a new start. Seeing all the baby lambs running around in the fields and the bright coloured crocuses and daffodils poking up through the soil shows the restart of our yearly cycle, maybe more so that the start of a New Year. Resurrection is the theme of this weeks time out reads too. Especially as I have restarted writing in a hope to finish my first novel and put my degree to good use. Also, I have decided to shake up this weekly round-up of favourite reads with a selection of my Instagram pictures for the previous week. This way…

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    Time Out Reads: Achievements

    Oh my, what a week this one has been. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. So many achievements. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. Reading loving, caring comments from my children’s teachers makes me realise how amazing their school is. I have grown to learn over my years of parenting that it really isn’t all down to grades. What is far more important is how my children are nurtured and supported through their school years, allowing them to develop their own opinions and personalities. Grades are second to this. Then my results day. Three years of hard study, early mornings, juggling school…

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    Time Out Reads: Summer’s Calling

    Kids are back to school in their last term before summer. The sun was out for a while, giving us a taste of hopefully things to come. Plus it seems everywhere I look online, everyone is talking about summer. Summer really is calling now! Eco Holiday How amazing would it be to stop somewhere that was completely in tune with sustainability, zero waste and eco-friendly? Jessie over at tiny yellow bungalow found just the place. They even reuse all the human waste too! I love that you are given are your own drinking cup to use for the duration of your stay and they weigh the amount of food waste each…