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    Time Out Reads – Slow Starts

    This week took a bit of getting going, what with the clocks changing, causing us to lose an hour and then a bank holiday Monday made the start of the week hard to get going. It’s been a refreshing change though, having time to spend with the children, no real time constraints and the occasional day of sunshine really adding to the happiness in our home. I think it was what we needed. That said, I have been busy working and researching, and not had lots of time to catch up on my favourite blogs and finding new ones to share. When it comes to blogging, I find I easily…

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    Beginnings – Create a Morning Routine That Works

          Everywhere you look at this time of the year, there are signs of life. New beginnings creeping into the world. Spots of colour breaking through the brown. Brightening our surroundings Awaken our senses. Signalling the seasons’ change. Time moving on. This time of year always makes me appreciate the time we have, the fact that the mornings are getting lighter, seeming to give us more time each day to get things done. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the getting things done that we forget to enjoy the time we have to ourselves, the time we spend with family and friends and the…

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    Feeding Time

    Last weekend we visited the farm to help feed the sheep and lambs before they were lead out into the fields. The children love playing and helping out in the farm yard, but it is something we don’t often do. As soon as we got into the yard, one of the lambs had managed to escape and needed help to get back in, little man and little miss we off to the rescue! Then it was down to business and off the feed the animals.   My little miss is usually a bit scared but this time she just got straight in to the pen and shred out the food!…

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    New Beginnings

    The world is awakening from its silent slumber Its long hibernation over at last Slowly the colours overtake the grey Life creeping through the brown soil Skipping around the green fields Awaiting the heat of the sun New beginnings (Spring is creeping in slowly but it is definitely on its way!)