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    I spoke too soon about Spring being here, the weather last week was awful, especially the mist and fog. Although it does look like things may be turning better this coming week, I hope so as my garden really needs a good sort out. Spring Clean With Spring in mind, cleaning and organising are two areas I am focusing on in the coming weeks. Finding ethical and ecological ways to clean our home is an area I am currently researching. Little Birdie is currently sharing a series of natural cleaning posts. This one shares how Castille Soap can be used. New Reads I am currently on a huge reading kick. Partly…

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    Why I’m starting over

    Want to know why I’m starting over? In 2015 I started this site in a hope of holding myself accountable. I wanted to change our lifestyle. To embrace the simple, things we often take for granted. Slowly Lived, that’s how I want to live, I did then and I still do now. To embrace the simple things in life and live in the here and now. The only problem with that wasn’t the idea but the reality. I started this part way through my second year at University and just before two of my children were about to embark on the last years at primary and secondary education. As much…