Find out how seasonal cooking can help your health and your budget
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Why do we no longer grow our own food and simply eat that is seasonal?

We all know that eating food we’ve grown ourselves always tastes better than store-bought. More so when it is in season.

I remember as a child picking tomatoes from off of my grandparent’s plants. The smell of the fresh tomatoes takes me back to those days. Yet many of us buy tomatoes all year round, not simple when they are hanging in our gardens.

Eating and cooking seasonally is an important part of my effort to reduce our food waste and live an intentional life. I plan to start growing some of the vegetables we eat, with the rest being bought through local farmers markets.

Seasonal eating helps to save money, live healthier and reduce our impact on the environment

 Why eat seasonally?

There are benefits to both your health and your budget by eating seasonal food. The food that is in season will be in high yield, lots of produce on the market, driving the cost down and the quality up. The fruit and vegetables will be at their best and if produced locally, they will be less likely to spoil before you get to use them.

Not only will you be improving your health and budget, you may also be helping local growers continue to sustain their business. It really is a win-win situation for your community.

Where can I buy seasonal produce?

As supermarkets take hold of the supply of foodstuff, finding locally grown produce can be hard, especially here in the UK. Local farmers markets are springing up all over the place, allowing local producers to sell their produce direct to consumers. To find a list of farmers markets close to you, check out FARMA, Eat the Seasons or Informing Britain. Many local shops stock a limited selection of local, seasonal produce too if you look out for it.

Inspiration for cooking with seasonal items

As part of my drive to live more intentionally and share my finds with you, I am setting up a monthly seasonal menu planner. It will include a list of the month’s seasonal produce and menu ideas from bloggers around the globe.  To sign up to receive June’s, fill in the box below.

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Find out the benefits of eating seasonally not only to your health but your budget to

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