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Seasonal Kitchen – July

Wow, what a month June was.

Hottest June day on record since 1976  here in the UK.

This gave us lots of opportunities for BBQ’s and al fresco eating.

Have you been enjoying eating seasonally too?

My June favourites include strawberries, jersey royals and salmon. What did you enjoy eating?

Lots of lovely new ingredients fresh and full of goodness ready to add to your meal plans for July below.

Why eat seasonally?

Eating seasonally not only has major health benefits but also has a huge impact on our environment. Most of the seasonal produce you can buy has been grown locally or at least in the same country. If you look at any of the packaging of the fruit, vegetable, and meat you buy from a supermarket, it will tell you the country of origin.

We support another country through the purchase of their product instead of supporting our local farmers.

We add to air pollution through the transport of these items from one country to another. Adding to this again through the storage both before it is transported and then after, before it goes on the shelves for us to buy.

What can I make with these ingredients?

Knowing what ingredients are in season is half the battle, what meals can you make with them?

If you’ve signed up to the Seasonal Food newsletter, you’ll receive a selection of meals that include at least one ingredient that is seasonal.  There is a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas some baking suggestions too.

It’s not too late to join in, sign up below and you will receive this month suggestions.

I’ve also created a Pinterest board for Seasonal Kitchen – July.

So what is in season this month?

Below is the list of seasonal produce you should be able to find locally. Your local supermarket should also be stocking local produce for these items too so if you are struggling to find a farmers market, don’t despair. If you want to download a copy of these lists, click the link below each image and you’ll be taken to a pdf you can download to use for your own personal use.

Seasonal Kitchen – July UK

July's list of seasonal ingredients - Slowly Lived MagazineDownload your copy of Seasonal Kitchen July UK here.

Seasonal Kitchen – July USA

July's seasonal ingredients list USA - Slowly Lived Magazine

Download your copy of Seasonal Kitchen July USA here.

What's cooking int this month's seasonal kitchen?

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