Review: A Man Called Ove

“You’re the funniest thing she knows. That’s why she always draws you in color.”

Can you remember One Foot in the Grave?

Victor Meldrew causing misery for his wife and neighbors with his grumpiness.

This book, A Man Called Ove, reminded me so much of that long forgotten TV show.

Ove, the main character in the book is an ‘old’ man, aged 59,  who recently lost his wife and starts every day trying to get to here.

He tries to hang himself and the hook breaks, he tries to jump in front of a train and he ends up saving another man, he tries shooting himself and ends up taking in a lodger and on and on it goes.

The book tells the tale of Ove, the main protagonist through flashbacks and present time scenes. An interesting device, allowing the reader to understand why Ove is the way he is. It shows his childhood, meeting Sonia, his wife, losing their only child and her disability, all the time still return to the present and his attempts to join her.

A new family in the street take him under their wing  (or maybe its the other way round) and he finds a new lease of life.

Although he comes across as a grumpy old man, deep down he has a heart of gold, who will do anything for his neighbors, with a little moan, yet he is still the one they all count on.

An interesting story, written with great wit and a real sense of getting to know the internal workings of all grumpy old men out there.