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    Time Out Reads: Celebrate

    Today’s my birthday! Time to celebrate and I am but in a small way with my family. The older I get the more birthdays take on a new meaning. Instead of looking forward to the next year I find myself reflecting on the past year and seeking out what I have learned. Do you find that too? Whilst I’m busy worrying about getting another year older, here are the great inspirational posts I have found this week to inspire you too. Summer Fun With the summer just around the corner, I’ve already had the idea to create our own Slow Living Bucket List for the summer holidays but Kelle at Enjoying…

  • My monthly round up if what's been happening here

    Taking Stock: May

    Nearly half way through 2017, how does that happen? Anyway here’s what’s been happening in my life over the past month. Making:  These delicious cheese scones Cooking: Not much, salads all the way at the mo Drinking: Califia Cold Brew and trying to increase my water intake Reading: This Love by Dani Atkins Trawling: Some new blogs including Simple As That and The Life On Purpose Movement Wanting: Time to slow down, children are growing too fast Looking: For ways to reduce our waste Deciding: Not to carry on and do an MA in Creative Writing Wishing: My eldest luck in his GCSE’s Enjoying: Panic at the Disco on full…

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    Time Out Reads: Return

    Return… I started this site in 2015. Back then I shared articles and items I found from around the internet that I thought others might find interesting. Over the past week, I’ve been toying with the idea to return to it. I’d thought that maybe this site wasn’t the place for it. Yet, as I’ve gotten back into writing on here, I realise that this isn’t going to be a business blog. Slowly Lived is a project. It’s a lifestyle I aspire to and for it to work I need to share a more personal view, not a third person or even first person approach to information. So I have decided to…

  • Restarting my slowly lived jo

    Why I’m starting over

    Want to know why I’m starting over? In 2015 I started this site in a hope of holding myself accountable. I wanted to change our lifestyle. To embrace the simple, things we often take for granted. Slowly Lived, that’s how I want to live, I did then and I still do now. To embrace the simple things in life and live in the here and now. The only problem with that wasn’t the idea but the reality. I started this part way through my second year at University and just before two of my children were about to embark on the last years at primary and secondary education. As much…

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    Review: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

    The Silkworm had been sat in my  Audible library for a while. I hadn’t actually realised it was written by JK Rowling using her pseudonym until someone mentioned it during a lecture. It’s been awhile since I have read a crime novel. I used to love reading them but since starting my own writing journey, I have been trying to widen my net and explore a range of genres and styles. I find listening to audiobooks is a great way to pass the time, especially when driving to and from university. I tend to mix up my listening between podcasts and books, learning about the craft as well as enjoying…

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    Review: A Man Called Ove

    “You’re the funniest thing she knows. That’s why she always draws you in color.” Can you remember One Foot in the Grave? Victor Meldrew causing misery for his wife and neighbors with his grumpiness. This book, A Man Called Ove, reminded me so much of that long forgotten TV show. Ove, the main character in the book is an ‘old’ man, aged 59,  who recently lost his wife and starts every day trying to get to here. He tries to hang himself and the hook breaks, he tries to jump in front of a train and he ends up saving another man, he tries shooting himself and ends up taking in…