• 5 thing I learnt about writing from Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
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    5 things I learnt about writing from Big Magic

    I’m not really one for reading self-help books. I’ll read books on writing such as Stephen King’s On Writing and Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones but they are more manuals than self-help. I’d been hearing great things about a book called Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, including this review on Girl Next Door’s podcast last year. I listened to the audio version through Audible in the car on the way to school and work. I loved it that much I needed a physical copy I could return to, make notes and reread certain chapters again. This book isn’t just for writers, it’s for all creatives and anyone wanting to tap…

  • Time Out Reads Shift

    Time Out Reads: Shift

    There seems to be a period of shift occurring in our home at the moment. Routines are changing in preparation for the Summer holiday. Calm is taking over with the knowledge that we’ve only two weeks to go. All the hard work is behind us and we’re on wind down, ready for a rest. Mindsets seem to be shifting too. Consumption of new things seems to be dwindling, replaced by seeking out past items to relook at. Donating old items to charity shops instead of simply hoarding them thinking we will use them one day. Habit Shift One thing I seem to really struggle with is remembering to take shopping bags…

  • Get a realistic introduction to blogging and how to start one

    Want to start a blog?

    I’m sure you’ve already read at least a thousand other ‘How To Start a Blog’ posts and are wondering why you should bother with reading mine? Let me tell you a little secret, I’ve been blogging for nearly seven years and know a thing or three about this subject. Plus I’ll tell it how it really is. Where to start? If you are looking to start a blog to earn money or review cool new things then I’ve got something to tell you. This isn’t the reason to start a blog. Do you have a passion for writing, have a burning desire to share your knowledge about a subject or…

  • Check out July's Seasonal Kitchen - Slowly Lived Magazine

    Seasonal Kitchen – July

    Wow, what a month June was. Hottest June day on record since 1976  here in the UK. This gave us lots of opportunities for BBQ’s and al fresco eating. Have you been enjoying eating seasonally too? My June favourites include strawberries, jersey royals and salmon. What did you enjoy eating? Lots of lovely new ingredients fresh and full of goodness ready to add to your meal plans for July below. Why eat seasonally? Eating seasonally not only has major health benefits but also has a huge impact on our environment. Most of the seasonal produce you can buy has been grown locally or at least in the same country. If…

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    Review: Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

    I passed this book by on the many shelves it was being promoted without giving it a second look. I tend to steer clear of follow-up books of authors who’s previous novel have flown off the shelf and propelled them to stardom. They often don’t live up to expectation. So when I received this as a birthday gift, I placed it on my bookcase thinking I’d read it at some point. The cover kept calling to me every time I walked past, begging me to pick it up. Having listened to Girl on the Train through Audible I could see why this book sparked the enormous reaction it did. How…

  • Summer's just around the corner, check out this sunshine inspired posts from around the web

    Time Out Reads: Summer’s Calling

    Kids are back to school in their last term before summer. The sun was out for a while, giving us a taste of hopefully things to come. Plus it seems everywhere I look online, everyone is talking about summer. Summer really is calling now! Eco Holiday How amazing would it be to stop somewhere that was completely in tune with sustainability, zero waste and eco-friendly? Jessie over at tiny yellow bungalow found just the place. They even reuse all the human waste too! I love that you are given are your own drinking cup to use for the duration of your stay and they weigh the amount of food waste each…