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Meal planning mix up

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One of my intentions for 2016 was to be more organised and cook more meals from scratch. To help with fitting this into our life, I decided to try meal planning. In the previous post where I shared our planned meals for the week, I said that I struggled with the idea of knowing what we are going to be eating each day and wasn’t sure how I would get on with it.
Well, I failed.
But I have learnt something along the way that I think may work, not only on the planning side of it but also to keep within our budget.
Before, I used to visit the supermarket daily deciding whilst I was there what we would have for tea and each time I went I’d end up picking up other bits that we didn’t really need or were on offer and looked like a bargain. Our shopping budget spiraled out of control and we ended up wasting so much food.
Meal planning didn’t work because I didn’t feel like cooking or eating the meal I had set for the day and then I didn’t eat much of it and still food was being wasted. I did stick to the cooking from scratch aspect which felt good, but I get bored very easily with eating the same food over and over and knowing what we will be having day to day.
So I’ve come up with a solution that I’m hoping will rectify this.
I’m going to have a bank of seven recipes for the week to choose from, making my shopping list from these and then I can pick and choose which one to cook when.
Here are this weeks seven recipes I am choosing from:
Homemade Fish and Chips
Omelette and salad
Spaghetti Bolognese
Sausage and Mash
Tuna Rice
I’ll let you know how I get along with this method.