Is being a wahm affecting my kids?

is being a wahm affecting my kids

I love being a work at home mum, especially as the summer holidays where coming but I do often wonder if being a wahm really is the best decision I made and just how is it affecting my kids?

The main drawback of being a wahm, especially in the holidays, is that I still have work to do so I often find myself saying, “wait a minute”, “I need to just finish this” and “I’m working”. I also find myself wondering if I would actually be less stressed and more financially stable if I had an employed job that brought in a set wage.

But then the benefits of being a wahm pop into my head, the ones where it means I can attend school events at a drop of a hat, organise my work so we can go out and actually do things as a family during the holidays and not have to leave the children with others to look after them.

As I have thought more about this as a whole, I feel that although being a wahm does impact upon the children, it also has many benefits that my children would dearly miss if I stopped and went back to working for someone else.

The main point of this article is to show that there are both positives and negatives to being a wahm, but you need to work out what they are and ensure you balance them to try to limit the actual impact they are having on the children.


  • thanks for reminding me of the positives – I find the summer hols the trickiest time of year – and do feel bad saying “mummy just has to do this – i’ll be there in a minute” all the time – but you have just reminded me that other times when my friends who have a job can’t attend their important school events and I am there – always! The positives definitely outweigh the negatives – and I have got myself into a routine of getting up at 6.15 every day and working a couple of hours before they get up – that’s really helped!

    • Kizzy

      Yes that is what I try to do but my younger two get up at that time too! Thanks for the comment.

  • krissottoh

    Main drawback of being a wahm is the constant interruptions during the summer or having to do catch up late at night but it’s still lovely being around if they need you.

  • This is so familiar to my own working arrangements, i worked in an office for years and finally took the plunge to work from home (still for someone else though), it gives me so much flexibility to attend school events, no need for holiday cover etc, but i do find myself saying ‘i’m working’ or ‘in a minute’ too…I was trying to explain to eldest that if i was still working in an office then he would have had to gone to holiday clubs etc (which he doesn’t like) so even though I don’t play with them for a lot of the day, at least he’s at home where he wants to be!

    • Kizzy

      Thanks for the comment, it seems most mums have the same issues.

  • Thank you for reminding me why I decided to start blogging. I’m not currently making any money as yet, because it’s early days with my blog. This summer holidays I have been saying to my children that I’m busy, quite a lot, because I’m working on trying to build my blog. I just hope it will be worth it eventually!

    • Kizzy

      Hi Dawn, it will be but as you say t takes time. It is a great way to earn money from home and if you ever need any support, our new community is coming in the next few weeks too.

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