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How to Save 3.5 Hours A Week with Real Plans

Some people plan everything. When they’re getting married, when they’ll have kids, what activities they are doing each day. I’m afraid I am not a planner. I like to think I am but in reality, I write the plan, put it to one side and then punish myself when I don’t get around to it.

You may be wondering why I am writing a post about planning.

This post is for all of you people out there who, like me, haven’t found the way to plan that works for you. Plus, as the title says, it will give you 3.5 hours of your week back.

Meal Planning

Gain your time back by planning your meals each week - Slowly Lived Magazine

If you are a regular reader, you will know that meal planning doesn’t work for me. I have had high hopes that planning our weekly meals on a Sunday will make shopping and cooking them happen smoothly. It never does. I always end up being fed up with knowing what meals we are eating each night.

There is a way around this. I gather all the families favourite meals into a box and each week I pick at least five and add the ingredients to our shopping list. This leaves two evenings where we can either be naughty and have a take away or try something new. I then pop the cards to one side and pick one at random each evening ready to prepare that meal.

Another great way of planning meals and saving time is to prep all the week’s meals ahead of time on a Sunday. Again, if you are like me and don’t like to stick to a set menu you can just pick and choose which one you have each day. There are services available that can help you with choosing recipes to prepare such as Prep Dish. Yes, it is American but I love the fact that it gives you lots of menu choices, including gluten-free and paleo, and there are lots of new recipes I’ve never tried before.

Morning Routine

Planning the day ahead is another great way of reducing the amount of time we waste. I created a morning routine that works for me and although I try to stick to it, I give myself room to mix it up. I’m up around 5 – 5.30 and head straight out to my office. I write or catch up on my social media till 6,30. Whilst I am at my desk I create a plan for the day ahead. Rather than writing a to-do list, I write down in a notepad all things I hope to accomplish that day ranging from work and home stuff to personal goals. Just before I go to bed, I check back through the list. Finished tasks get marked and those still to be done get moved on to the next day.

I have tried all sorts of to-do lists including bullet journaling but I always end up losing my way with them.


This could also be included in the morning routine but I feel it deserves its own section. Choosing what to wear each day can take a long time if you have loads of clothes. One way to reduce this is to plan. If you wear a uniform each day for work, that’s a bonus as you don’t need to think about it. If not, then maybe you need to section out your wardrobe into work wear and leisure wear or casual. Keeping a log of clothing is another way of keeping track of what you have, especially if you change your wardrobe from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter.

The way I have reduced my time in choosing clothes each morning is to reduce the options down and create a rolling capsule wardrobe. Now it’s not perfect and far from finished but I have 3 pairs of jeans, 4 long sleeve tops, 4 tee shirts, 2 cardigans and a jacket. As I live in the UK, long sleeve tops are a must even in the summer but in other countries where the weather is more seasonable, you may be able to reduce this down even further. I do have a couple of maxi dresses that I pull out when the sun does decide to come out.

How do you plan?



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