How to earn more in your business


How to earn more in your business

How does a business mum with a micro-business or big ideas take the next leap forward in boosting her income? Here are my top three ideas to get you started.

Manage your time.

Of course this is easier said than done, and I’ve heard it said that time is unmanageable, but with effective planning you can assess what you can realistically achieve in the time you have available.

Think about when you will work. Try drawing up a schedule of your week, and write down when you can fit work in. Consider how much childcare you have and whether you want to work evenings and weekends. Consider what your childcare costs will be and check the latest tax credits advice on  You may be able to arrange childcare swaps with another local mum.  I find it helps to even plan when I will fit in some housework time, relaxation time, and social time so that I can keep a good balance in all areas of my life.

Make a business plan.

This can sound daunting. Before I started a business I thought this was a long complicated document that you had to present to a bank manager, whilst wearing your smartest suit. However, after training with Ace Inspire I realised that you can start with a short written plan just for yourself, detailing what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there. It will summarise your finances and how you are going to grow. When you consider that it’s the story of how your dream will play out it becomes quite exciting.

Add strings to your bow.

If you’re honest with yourself about where you’re aiming to get to you may identify areas of your business that you could improve on. You may need to outsource some tasks, or get extra training and knowledge so that you can take on extra elements of the business yourself. Consider things like bookkeeping, PR, social media and business blogging.