I got in!

Some of you who occasionally visit The Go To Mum will know that I had applied to go to University this September. I applied to study a Joint Honors Degree in Creative Writing and Journalism.

It has been 10 years, I can’t believe it, since I studied at an academic level and I have always dreamed of studying for a degree but decided to have my children first. Now all three are settled at school and before my eldest finished his education and starts to consider University for himself, it is the right time.

As part of the application process, we had to write a piece of creative writing and my prompt was Mug. Now this prompt was apt for me as my husband is a potter and I decided that I would describe the journey a mug takes from creation to finding a loving home. I thought it would only be fair to share with you the piece I submitted and helped me secure my place! I’m going to be a student again this September!


The Journey of a Mug

From humble beginnings, dug from the earth;

Pliable and soft, not yet a form.

The start of the journey, the beginning, a birth;

Organic, natural, ready to transform.


Onwards and upwards, watch the journey progress;

A studio, a worktop, the first touch of a hand.

Kneaded and wedged, particles compress;

The rest of the journey, already planned.


Water and hands touching and guiding;

Spinning and turning around and around.

Nurturing the shape, smoothing and rising;

My final form already found.


The time has come for the transition to occur,

Clay to ceramic, particles a blur.


A choice of colour, the final design;

Submerged, leaving no area bare.

The final firing, my surface will shine;

Packed up, ready for the fayre.


Standing proud and true, displayed for all to see;

Hoping to catch someone’s eye.

A new home is required, to settle and be;

Is this my new owner I spy.


Carefully packaged, tucked up in a box;

The final journey is here.

A present, a gift, better than socks;

Looking forward to be held near.


From humble beginnings, to a beautiful end,

Spending a lifetime as someones thirst-quenching friend.


Now to sort out my student finance!


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