Slowly Lived

Embracing the small moments

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Weekends tend to be quite busy in our house; football matches, children meeting up with friends and the occasional birthday celebration , which can leave me feeling like I need another weekend to get over the last.
With this in mind, those weekends when we have little on are the ones I treasure the most. Last weekend was one of those. No football meant I wasn’t rushing out the door early Sunday morning and spending half the day on the touchline.
It gave us the time to enjoy what beauty we have around us.
We are so lucky to live in a very small village, surrounded by open fields and lots of wildlife.
Over the winter months, Polo ponies spend their offseason grazing in the fields around the village and the children love visiting them.
It’s amazing to see the joy on my children’s faces, through a simple interaction with such a beautiful animal.
It’s the small moments like these that warm my heart and will be remembered.

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