Earn a living and not miss out on your kids

Earn a living and not miss out on your kids

Earning a living around looking after your kids has never been easier.

It is many mums’ dream to earn a living whilst still enjoying time with their children as they grow up. Even being able to be there to do the school run can bring a lot of comfort for both you and your child.

There are a number of ways you can make your dream a reality.

The dream becomes more achievable when you break it down. Stop thinking of how to make all the money you need from just one thing. For example trying to make £1000 from one type of work is a big challenge, but earning £250 a month from four different income streams sounds instantly more achievable. Your target may not even be as much as £1000 per month, perhaps you only need an additional £400 a month to top up other incomes to the household. Well, now we only need four different income streams that earn £100 a month each. That sounds much easier doesn’t it?

So what can you start doing right now to earn your target income?

Grab a pen and paper and list *every* skill you have. Don’t be modest here: you need a good long list to work from.

You should include all the tasks you’ve learned in previous jobs, all the skills you’ve honed from being a parent and housekeeper. Think back to every time someone has praised you for a job well done, what were you doing? Are you well-known amongst friends for being particularly good at certain things?

If your list doesn’t have at least twenty-five things on it then you’re being too modest! Ask friends and family to suggest ideas to help.

Now, think about your passions, hobbies and new skills you’d like to learn. Add these in a separate section at the bottom of your list.

You should have at least thirty things on your list and these are the basis for your new future income streams!

For every idea on that list think of at least three ways you could make money from it and note them down. For example if you are great at making cupcakes your three ideas might be; baking and selling cupcakes, running small cupcake making workshops, starting a blog on how to make cupcakes and earning through taking advertising.

You will now be on your way to almost 100 ideas about how you can make money. Now it’s time to take action and start working on those ideas. Pick the easy ideas first. Try each idea until you can find a combination of three or four that get you to your target income. Some ideas may take longer to get going such as if you need to retrain. If you have one idea that really takes off, that’s excellent! Run with it!

As you work through your ideas think about how much each is earning and how much time each one takes. Focus on the income streams that generate the most money in the least amount of time. Don’t forget that one of your important goals is to spend quality time with your family.

  • Thanks so much for the reminder of making the most out of my time when it comes to both work and family. Going to look at a few better ways to my time to use so I can be free for my family when needed.