Don’t keep these in your fridge

Do you know what items you should not keep in your fridge?

I read an article in Woman and Home which listed all the food you shouldn’t keep in your fridge. There were only 2 that I didn’t keep in mine.

Here they are so you don’t make the same mistakes I was!


I don’t keep these in my fridge. Not sure why but probably because there is never any room left for them! In case you were wondering why, if they are kept in the fridge they tend to go gritty and sweet as the cold air turns the starch into sugar quicker. Store them in a paper bag in a dark place.


If this is kept in the fridge, it will start to sprout and go rubbery and mouldy very quickly. This should also be kept in a paper bag in a dark place to maximise its shelf life.


This is one that I had been keeping in but I have stopped now. They lose their flavour as the cold air stops the ripening process and breaks down membranes in the fruit walls which turns them mealy. Keep them in a bowl or basket on your kitchen top.

Vegetables to keep out of your fridge


The moisture in the fridge will make them go mouldy and soft so again store them in a similar way to the potatoes but not together. If you do they will both deteriorate quicker.


If stored in the fridge, coffee will lose its flavour and could absorb some of the smells from in there and taint the taste. Store in a cool dark place or freeze if in large quantities.


If kept in the fridge, Basil will wilt quicker and absorbs the smells around it. Keep it on your worktop or window sill in a cup of water or if you want to keep it for later, blanch it and then freeze it.


This is one I never understood why people do keep in the fridge. It dries the bread out in there so either keep it in a bread bin or freeze a couple of slices in individual bags as get out as needed.

Do you keep any of these in your fridge?

7 things you shouldn't keep in your fridge

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