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    March Musings and April Picks #TheYearInBooks

    This month I have found it quite difficult to fit in reading, especially as I had a rather large assignment due in half way through. I did manage to read Red Sky at Night, which I have to say I really enjoyed. It is jam packed full of countryside folklore and wisdom, much that I had heard of growing up and forgotten. It made me wonder if this book and others like it hadn’t been written, how much would eventually be lost and how much already is. I love the countryside, living in it was a dream when I was growing up and raising my children in its environment has…

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    Day off

    Sometimes you just need a day off. A day were you sit and chill. A day where you just do nothing. I had one of those days yesterday. It felt good. It also gave me time to take stock. Regroup. Realise that I need to take control rather than letting life rule. Also, I need to stop and think. Think about my actions before I act. Sometimes a cuddle rather than a raised voice is what is needed. Stepping back and seeing the situation for what it is. Living in the here and now. Being present.

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    Even with trying to slow things down life still manages to get in the way. All of my words seem to have been used up over the last two weeks on assignments, hence no posts for a while. Instead of leaving this place, my sanctuary, feeling lonely any longer I thought I’d share some snapshots from life over the last week. Have a great Saturday x

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    Sunshine Dreaming

    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a bit fed up with all this wet and cold weather. I know living in the middle of the country we haven’t had as much bad weather as others but I have to admit, this year, the lack of sunshine is really getting to me. Tuesday morning I opened the children’s curtains to be greeted by the sunshine illuminating the tree top opposite and the wood across the park. I grabbed my phone wanting to capture this beautiful sight and I’m so glad I did. Ten minutes later it was gone and grey sky followed, there still here today. So in a…

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    Authentic Blogging: Finding your voice

    Have you found your authentic voice? I’ve been blogging for the past six and a half years, in many different areas, under different names. Blogging as both myself and as a ghost writer, earning money and doing it out of a passion for the subject. Over the past couple of years, the blogging community has grown and changed, with many of those who started with me leaving or taking a big step back, something I did the last few years. I did still post every now and then but for some reason, the passion I once felt had gone. It is so easy to get caught up in the numbers…

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    Listen and learn

    I have always had a love of books but until I started my Creative Writing degree, I just read. I read the words on the page, allowing the story to lay out in my mind without really thinking about why the writer was writing that way and what they were trying to achieve by taking the story in a certain direction. During my first year of the degree, one of the assignments was to read as a writer. This changed the way I read books from then on. Looking over the words on the page and assessing why they were used and what they created has enriched my reading experience…