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    Time Out Reads: Celebrate

    Today’s my birthday! Time to celebrate and I am but in a small way with my family. The older I get the more birthdays take on a new meaning. Instead of looking forward to the next year I find myself reflecting on the past year and seeking out what I have learned. Do you find that too? Whilst I’m busy worrying about getting another year older, here are the great inspirational posts I have found this week to inspire you too. Summer Fun With the summer just around the corner, I’ve already had the idea to create our own Slow Living Bucket List for the summer holidays but Kelle at Enjoying…

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    Time Out Reads: Return

    Return… I started this site in 2015. Back then I shared articles and items I found from around the internet that I thought others might find interesting. Over the past week, I’ve been toying with the idea to return to it. I’d thought that maybe this site wasn’t the place for it. Yet, as I’ve gotten back into writing on here, I realise that this isn’t going to be a business blog. Slowly Lived is a project. It’s a lifestyle I aspire to and for it to work I need to share a more personal view, not a third person or even first person approach to information. So I have decided to…

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    Time Out Reads – Reflection

    Reflection. If you read my post yesterday, you may know that I’m currently in a reflective mood. With half the year nearly through, looking back usually gives me some perspective of what I’ve achieved and what still to do.  It gives me the needed push to keep working forward, to reassess and change things that haven’t worked yet or have but could be better. Reflection shouldn’t just happen at the end of something, a year or a project, it should be something we do on a regular basis. It gives clarity and purpose, allows us to recognise and regroup. Daily reflection is a new part of my night-time ritual, it…

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    Time Out Reads – Decluttering

    It’s the weekend, a time to rest and regroup ready for the week ahead. In our house, the football season has finally concluded, 3rd place and another promotion was good going considering the ups and downs the team endured this season. More drama in teenage boys football than in the Premier League! With more time on my hands over the weekends for the next few months, I have my sights set on decluttering our little home, something that has been on the agenda for a very long time. Now I am never going to have a minimalist home, not with 5 of us in the house, but order and organisation are…

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    Time Out Reads – Joy

    New month and nearly half way through the year. Each month brings about many different challenges and surprises, from unpredictable weather to  the changes in the environment around us. Some are longed for and some not so much! It’s always funny that when I have a subject in mind for one of these Time Out Reads roundups, the posts I read tend to be on a similar topic even without me having to look for them! Some are obvious whilst others are not so, but once I start reading them, I can see how they fit into this heading. Not sure whether it is something I do intentionally or just…

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    Time Out Reads – Create

     Sunday’s are a great day for truly enjoying slow living. Especially when there are no football matches or parties to attend. Last Sunday we took a trip to a park not far from us, the kids on their wheels and me trying to keep up as usual. As we crossed a bridge over a little stream we spotted some very talented artists decorating the walls along the stream. The picture above is just one of many along these walls. Blogging is a tricky area, many of us do it as a business, trying to earn a steady income from an area we love. Some of us blog because we love writing,…