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    Book Review: The Stone Cutter by Camilla Lackberg

    The Stone Cutter by Camilla Lackberg Translated by Steven T Murray HarperCollins; 3/3/11 Rating 4 out of 5 Blurb The third psychological thriller from No 1 bestselling Swedish crime sensation Camilla Läckberg. Irresistible for fans of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. The remote resort of Fjllbacka has seen its share of tragedy, though perhaps none worse than that of the little girl found in a fisherman’s net. But this was no accidental drowning Local detective Patrik Hedstrom has just become a father. It is his grim task to discover who could be behind the murder of a child both he and his partner Erica knew well. What he does not…

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    Time Out Reads: Resurrection

    Easter and Spring always bring with them the feeling of a new start. Seeing all the baby lambs running around in the fields and the bright coloured crocuses and daffodils poking up through the soil shows the restart of our yearly cycle, maybe more so that the start of a New Year. Resurrection is the theme of this weeks time out reads too. Especially as I have restarted writing in a hope to finish my first novel and put my degree to good use. Also, I have decided to shake up this weekly round-up of favourite reads with a selection of my Instagram pictures for the previous week. This way…

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    Review: I See You by Clare Mackintosh

    You may think nothing exciting will happen on your commute to work each day. But imagine those who travel with you may not be who you think they are. Clare Mackintosh delves into our paranoia and exploits our fears to great effect. I See You is the second novel from Clare Mackintosh, an award-winning crime novelist who started out as a police officer before using her inside knowledge to create compelling, edge of your seat reads. I read Clare’s first novel, I Let You Go, whilst researching my dissertation piece on a recommendation from a member of my discussion group. The twists and turns of this story had me hooked and I was…

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    Time Out Reads: Achievements

    Oh my, what a week this one has been. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. So many achievements. School reports, degree and SATs results and then sports day. Reading loving, caring comments from my children’s teachers makes me realise how amazing their school is. I have grown to learn over my years of parenting that it really isn’t all down to grades. What is far more important is how my children are nurtured and supported through their school years, allowing them to develop their own opinions and personalities. Grades are second to this. Then my results day. Three years of hard study, early mornings, juggling school…

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    Time Out Reads: Shift

    There seems to be a period of shift occurring in our home at the moment. Routines are changing in preparation for the Summer holiday. Calm is taking over with the knowledge that we’ve only two weeks to go. All the hard work is behind us and we’re on wind down, ready for a rest. Mindsets seem to be shifting too. Consumption of new things seems to be dwindling, replaced by seeking out past items to relook at. Donating old items to charity shops instead of simply hoarding them thinking we will use them one day. Habit Shift One thing I seem to really struggle with is remembering to take shopping bags…

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    Review: Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

    I passed this book by on the many shelves it was being promoted without giving it a second look. I tend to steer clear of follow-up books of authors who’s previous novel have flown off the shelf and propelled them to stardom. They often don’t live up to expectation. So when I received this as a birthday gift, I placed it on my bookcase thinking I’d read it at some point. The cover kept calling to me every time I walked past, begging me to pick it up. Having listened to Girl on the Train through Audible I could see why this book sparked the enormous reaction it did. How…