• Find out how seasonal cooking can help your health and your budget
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    Seasonal Kitchen – seasonal meal planning

    Why do we no longer grow our own food and simply eat that is seasonal? We all know that eating food we’ve grown ourselves always tastes better than store-bought. More so when it is in season. I remember as a child picking tomatoes from off of my grandparent’s plants. The smell of the fresh tomatoes takes me back to those days. Yet many of us buy tomatoes all year round, not simple when they are hanging in our gardens. Eating and cooking seasonally is an important part of my effort to reduce our food waste and live an intentional life. I plan to start growing some of the vegetables we…

  • How the food we eat can affect our mood and mental health
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    Mental health and food – the missing link

    In 2010, Mind, the mental health charity produced a report called The Mind Guide to Food and Mood. This report explored the way food and nutrition can affect our mental health. It shows that there is indeed a connection between the food we eat and our general health,  our mental health and mood. Eating regular meals, drinking plenty of water and exercising, all contribute to how we feel. To get a better idea of how we can improve our mood and mental health through our diets, Sian Baker from Pure Nutrition shared some of her nutrition knowledge. Is there a link between a bad diet and bad moods? When it…

  • Eat your greens | Foraging | Herbs | Slow Living | Slowly Lived
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    Eat your greens – Foraging with Natasha of Forage Botanicals

    Spring is reawakening the world around us from its winter’s slumber. Now is the perfect time to tempt your sleeping taste buds to a feast from our past, allowing our dormant hunter gather to reappear with a spot of foraging. Foraging’s popularity has increased over the past few of years with programs like River Cottage and Countryfile featuring the hunt for food in our hedgerows. The National Trust and other similar organisations have also set up events to show their visitors what to look out for with guided walks and leaflets. Living in the countryside, I often feel that I don’t take advantage of the plentiful bounty of tastes and…

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    Think yourself younger?

    Have you ever wondered if what you think might influence how you look? Is it possible to think yourself younger? This is something I have been wondering for some time and recently I read an article that answered my question. In this article, it stated that if you said kinder things to yourself and had a happier and more positive outlook on life, you could gain a more youthful appearance. These claims were made by Nikki Owen, who is a practitioner of Nero-linguistics programming and also a TV commentator who has been described as Britain’s leading charisma expert. Is what we think affecting our aging process? Nikki said she had…

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    Activity Ideas for Cold Winter Evenings

    With the cold weather outside our doors, finding ways to keep busy during the evenings can be difficult, especially if we don’t want everyone glued to screens. There are many ways you can enjoy these dark evenings, either on your own or with family and friends. Winter is a magical time of year, especially in the run-up to Christmas. If you want to get into the festive spirit and enjoy a fun and enchanting time, heading to one of the many Christmas markets across the UK is a great idea. Many of these continue to operate into the evening so even if you are at work in the day you…

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    Pay It Forward

    This is a concept that I have heard many stories about over recent months and I just love the concept. There have been stories of people going to pay for their meal in a restaurant and finding the person before them has already paid for it and told them to pass it onto someone else in the future, or paying for the next person in lines coffee at a cafe. But I think the best story I heard was from a blog, sorry I can’t remember who’s it was, where she passed a homeless man everyday and one day she noticed he had no shoes. So she went out and…