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    Why I’m starting over

    Want to know why I’m starting over? In 2015 I started this site in a hope of holding myself accountable. I wanted to change our lifestyle. To embrace the simple, things we often take for granted. Slowly Lived, that’s how I want to live, I did then and I still do now. To embrace the simple things in life and live in the here and now. The only problem with that wasn’t the idea but the reality. I started this part way through my second year at University and just before two of my children were about to embark on the last years at primary and secondary education. As much…

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    Day off

    Sometimes you just need a day off. A day were you sit and chill. A day where you just do nothing. I had one of those days yesterday. It felt good. It also gave me time to take stock. Regroup. Realise that I need to take control rather than letting life rule. Also, I need to stop and think. Think about my actions before I act. Sometimes a cuddle rather than a raised voice is what is needed. Stepping back and seeing the situation for what it is. Living in the here and now. Being present.

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    Even with trying to slow things down life still manages to get in the way. All of my words seem to have been used up over the last two weeks on assignments, hence no posts for a while. Instead of leaving this place, my sanctuary, feeling lonely any longer I thought I’d share some snapshots from life over the last week. Have a great Saturday x

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            Winter The season of slowing down, taking stock and appreciating. Of wrapping up, snuggling down and enjoying the days we can get outside. Planning for the year ahead. Yesterday was a beautiful winter’s day. With the kids off for half term, it has been a juggle but we’ve tried to make the most of the time I’m not a university. Spend some quality time with each of my three individually. My little man and I took a walk across the fields yesterday, slowly, taking the time to see the world through his eyes, spotting the small things; fungi on a log, the rings of a fresh…

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    New Year Wander

            New Year’s Day New beginnings Fresh starts Re-evaluate Plan Dream Taking our dog out for her first walk of 2016, across fields I walk regularly yet never truly take in. There is wonder and interest all around if you just take a minute and truly look all around. By slowing down, we see more detail. Nature creates a delicate canvas for us to enjoy if we take the time. Seeking beauty in the ordinary. Happy New Year!   How did you start 2016?