Book Review: Making Money Online by Erica Douglas and Antonia Chitty

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Book Make Money OnlineThere are many so-called “get rich quick online”scams about, that have rightly  made us all very weary of pursuing many legitimate ideas and business models that can really make you money online. In this book, Antonia and Erica cover many different ideas on how you can build a profile in a niche that you love and earn money online from it.

Making Money Online is the book to read if you are looking to earn either an extra income or building up a business online. The book shows you how to find your niche, start a blog, build an expert profile online, how to find followers, product creation including eBook and eCourses, how to market and sell your products, selling other people’s products, affiliate marketing, how to monetise your blog and how to earn money online writing.

Not only does the book contain lots of practical information that you can put into action to build your own income straight away, there are also many case studies throughout the book from online business experts including Yaro Starak, Nigel Botterill, Helen Lindop, Karen Skidmore and many more. All giving their expert advice and tips on how they achieved their success.

If you are serious about earning money online, then this book is the only book you will need to. It won’t happen over night and will take time and effort on your part but it can be done and this book shows you how.