Beginnings – Create a Morning Routine That Works




Everywhere you look at this time of the year, there are signs of life.
New beginnings creeping into the world.
Spots of colour breaking through the brown.
Brightening our surroundings
Awaken our senses.
Signalling the seasons’ change.
Time moving on.
This time of year always makes me appreciate the time we have, the fact that the mornings are getting lighter, seeming to give us more time each day to get things done. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the getting things done that we forget to enjoy the time we have to ourselves, the time we spend with family and friends and the time we have to accomplish the jobs each day brings.
One way I’m finding I am making more time to spend with those I love and for myself is to start each day off well and with intention. I have always been a morning person, I just can’t lay around in bed when the day is calling me. Yet I seemed to waste those first few hours either checking up on social media or watching TV, neither are really productive or set me up for a good day ahead.
So, I started to create a morning routine that worked for me, helped me get my head straight and focused on what I want to achieve and also allowed me to fit in some of the things I love doing for myself but never seemed to find the time to do.
How did I do it?
Firstly, I sat down and thought about what I enjoyed and what I needed to do to make sure each morning went the way it needed to. I wrote a list of these things down in two columns, one side under the title Need and the other Nurture.
Then I made sure that I would have enough time to do these things. I usually get up around 5, this hasn’t really been intentional, it is just when my body decides that I should start the day. I do go to bed at a reasonable time, around 10 so I get a good nights sleep.
Once I’m up, I make a drink of lemon water and write for the first half hour. It will either be a blog post, something for university or something for myself depending on what is needed. I’ll  listen to a podcast, either something for leisure or something to grow my mind. I recently shared my favourite podcasts if you need some inspiration.
I’ll have breakfast, sometimes it will simply be a smoothie or a shake as I’m not always hungry at this time of the day but I know I need to eat.
Then the kids tend to get up and the morning routine changes into theirs.
To find a routine that will work for you, I suggest you make a list and choose a few things to do each morning, alternating for the first few weeks to see what works for you. Maybe you want to do something different every day or like me stick to the same things. Whatever you choose, make sure it is leaving you ready for the day ahead with a clear, focused mind. You’ll get so much more from each day this way.
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