Balancing the family/work tug of war

balancing the family work tug of war

Being a mum in business, not only do you have the usual battles of bed time, teeth brushing and eating your greens, you also have the battles with time, client demands and making sure your business is a success.


All of these stress can make it seem that you should give up and get a job, but in my recent post, Is being a WAHM affecting my kids, I shared the main reasons I want and need to be a wahm. Running your own business can and is difficult but not impossible.

Here are five ways to help you with your tug of war:

  1. Structure. Make sure that you have in place a structure for not just your business but also for your family. Create a timetable for each week, especially for when the kids return to school, so that you know exactly what is going on each week, when you need to be working and when you need to be there for your family. It will not only help you not to miss anything important but also let your family know when you are working.
  2. Understand Your Why. Why did you start your business in the first place? Was it to fulfill a lifelong ambition, provide an extra income or to be there for when your children need you? Mine is a mixture of these three but primarily to be there when my children need me. Try to remember your reason why and you will find it actually inspires you to work harder in your business but, if like me it is so you can be there when your children need you, remember this too and be there for them with feeling guilty (i know it’s hard)
  3. Prioritize. Once you have your structure in place, you need to prioritize your time and not got sidetracked by things that are not beneficial. It is easy to get caught up in something on social media or answer a call that ends up taking an hour, so try, where possible to limit these distractions. This is also important were your family is concerned, make sure you make their important activities or work a priority and factor them into your schedule. Homework, reading or concerts are all areas that you need to attend so don’t feel guilty for leaving work to watch your child, this is why you work from home in your own business.
  4. Your Business is Serving Your Family Too. If you find your children and/or partner are constantly moaning about you being distracted or working so much, help them understand that you are also helping them out too. Explain that if you had an employed job you wouldn’t be there for them when they really needed you and I’m sure they like the little extras your businesses income helps with.
  5. Remember You. I left this one till last as this is something we always do, as mums and business women. We are always the last person we think about but you need to remember to do something for you too. You are in the middle of this tug of war, taking all the strain and stress on your shoulders and there really is only so much you can take. So whilst you are setting up your schedule, ensure that you factor in some time for you. Be it a walk in the park, coffee with friends or a long soak in the bath, make sure it is something for you, to nourish you and your soul.


  • Struggled with this balance all summer and found myself getting annoyed with my son because I just can’t concentrate on anything without being interrupted – yet it’s his summer too. My problem is I work all day doing a different job and then come home and try to run my business but really I should be there for my family. In the school holidays I’m desperately trying to get all my business stuff done because I have the time, but then my son wants to do stuff. I guess because I’m trying to do a job, be a mum/wife, run a business etc I’m being pulled in too many different directions. My business isn’t big enough to leave my job yet so I could be a playground mum, but ideally that’s what I’d prefer, just so there’s quality time for both! How do other people manage?!

    • Kizzy

      I think most mums feel that way but as time goes on we each find our ways of balancing it. Good luck with your business, hope you can work in it full time soon x

  • That number 5 is so important! Great post x