This year has certainly been interesting.

It has been a learning curve on the steepest of levels.

A real year of two halves.

As 2016 started, I was entering into the second half of my second year at University, feeling the stress of the change in pace and expectation.

Assignments that would actually count towards my final degree and these, in turn, held a larger mark and were fewer in number than the previous year.

Add to this, as the year progressed a teen with anxiety going into his final year in school, not the start I was hoping for.

My word for 2016 was

My purpose for this year was to be there for my family.

Not what I thought this word was going to look like when I chose it, yet life has a way of showing you these things, the things that matter most, when you need to see them.

This realisation helped shape the rest of the year.

I have, for far too long, allowed life to pass by, without living with purpose and intent, allowing situations to control me rather me controlling them.

I have acted like I was in control, made those around me believe I was when really, life was controlling me.

Purpose was my activation word, my wake up call, my call to action.

My purpose is to be the best version of me, not just for me but for all those in my life as when I am present and purposeful, things get done and life is better.

I have taken this realisation and turned it into action.

2017 needs a new word and a new plan, to fulfil my purpose, be the best me for my family and achieve my dreams.

(Excuse this self-indulgent post, but if I have it published I know I am holding myself to account )

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